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An Integrated Hardware Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our Offerings

Our solutions tackle the various issues faced by a vehicle driver today, right from safety and reliability issues to inefficiencies and environmental damage.  All of these will be on a single hardware platform, faster than any other in the market today.

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

 Make your rides more reliable with collision avoidance and lane change warning systems, driver drowsiness detectors, and more localized features.

Prescriptive Analytics Engines

Receive data-driven predictive and prescriptive suggestions for maintenance, fuel economy optimization, best routes based on time and safety, and more.

Vehicle-to-Everything Communication

Connect your car to other cars, as well as traffic signals, toll booths, and pedestrians, to make your rides safer and more economic. 

Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure

Smarter traffic signals, toll booths, and charging stations implies more entities assisting your ride.

Augmented Reality Heads-up Displays

Make your journey more immersive through an AR-HUD, paired with an infotainment system designed for your needs.

Traffic and Fleet Management Platforms

Manage and monitor your entire fleet through unified dashboards, and also get a bird’s eye view of a city’s traffic managment system.

Main Value Propositions

Reduce Costs

Lesser accidents, maintenance, better mileage, and complete fleet visibility.

Better Driving

Learn how to drive better, and stay alert throughout.

Liability Protection

Have video proof of incidents to handle claims, and reduce insurance.

Safe Journeys

Protect the driver, vehicle, and goods, not just from accidents but from thefts and intruders as well.

Actionable Data

Analyze how people move. Bad drivers, hotspots, accidents, everything.

Convenient UI

No more need to look at your phone while driving.







Awards and Accolades

Top 50, India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0, 2018

Only student-run early-stage startup in India’s top 50, in the Open Challenge of IIGP 2018, sponsored by DST, Lockheed Martin, and Tata Trusts.

2nd Place, MOVEHack Global Mobility Hackathon, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

Placed 2nd out of 2000+ worldwide teams, were only student team in top 10, and were invited for the Global Mobility Summit 2018.

Accelerator Cohorts

We are part of the Winter 2018 Cohort of Axilor Ventures, and the Y Combinator Startup School Cohort of 2018.

Best Indian Team, Scene Understanding for Autonomous Navigation, ECCV 2018

Declared as the best Indian team in the Autonomous Navigation for Unstructured Environments (AutoNUE) challenge conducted by Intel and IIIT-H for ECCV 2018.

Top 10, KPIT Sparkle 2018

Over 1500 teams from colleges across India participated and submitted ideas in the field of next generation energy and transportation solutions, and we placed in the top 10.

1st Place, DIY Robocars KuaiKai, Guiyang, May 2018

Built two autonomous cars in 7 days, with PIX Moving in Guiyang, China, and a team of 13 engineers from around the world. Won a grand prize that was awarded at the China International Big Data Expo 2018.

Top 30, Flipkart Gridlock Hackathon, 2017

Over 1100 teams across the world participated, including teams from companies like Microsoft, Google, Ola Cabs, Mercedez-Benz R&D, and McKinsey and Co.

Presentation on Driver Safety in the Indian Context

Invited to Nagoya University in Japan to present research about Dynamove, at the 8th Biennial Workshop on DSP in Vehicles.

Meet the Team

Our team primarily comprises Electrical Engineering students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM). We are working together to build the future of transportation in India.

Rohan Rao

Currently a final year EE student at IITM, with a keen interest in robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and wireless communication.

Abhijit S Gupta

Currently a final year EE student at IITM, who focuses on product management, optimization algorithms, and traffic modelling.

Dr. Radha Krishna Ganti

Associate Professor in the EE Dept., who works on 5G and RF telecommunication research and development.

Tanuja Rao

Certified Cost Accountant and financial advisor. Manages legal and financial aspects, including patents and trademarks.

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We are in discussion with several key stakeholders, and hardware development is ready to hit the highway. Please feel free to contact us to know more about any of our offerings. Suggestions and concerns are also welcome.